Peach Seedling

 Rootstocks Peach Seedling




Golden Queen, Peach Seedling



Seedlings of Prunus Persica



Open pollinated seedlings of c.v. Golden Queen



Compared to G Queen seedling, this is the standard rootstock size is therefore 100%


Better tolerance to water logging than Apricot or Almond seedling stock, 80-85 days in winter and 8-10 days in summer.  

More tolerant than Apricot Seedling and Myrobalan B to Verticillium.



Improves scion resistance to Bacterial Canker and Verticillium with Apricot.


Water logging, Iron chlorosis, Phytophthora, some nematodes, Armillarea mellea, Crown Gall and various viruses.





Self Supporting 






New Zealand research has shown fruit size, firmness of flesh and sugar content are better from Apricot trees budded on Peach Seedling than those on Myrobalan, Marianna or buck plum.

All our peach seedling rootstocks are innoculated for Crown Gall resistance using a radiobacter innoculant.

Whilst Peach Seedlings have some issues as a rootstock, they are the best option currently in New Zealand.

We are watching Penta® and Tetra® test selections with interest.


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