Deposits & agreements

For trees ordered before rootstocks are planted the Purchaser will pay a deposit of $1.00 + GST per rootstock on order and $4.00 + GST per tree once rootstocks are planted.

If a royalty is due on any variety, an additional deposit of 30% per royalty is also due. If the Purchaser cancels the order under this agreement, then the Purchaser will forfeit the deposit together with any other monies paid, but will remain liable for the balance, interest and costs at the discretion of the Vendor.

For trees ordered where the rootstocks have already been planted at time of order, a deposit of 35% of the estimated order value is required at time of order

All agreements and relevant consents forms must be completed and returned at this time. The order is only confirmed once the deposit is paid and relevant paperwork received. McGrath Nurseries Ltd reserves the right to resell trees if the deposits have not been paid.

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